Aggressive Truck Driving Accidents in Indiana

Most people have driven too aggressively on occasion or know somebody who drives too aggressively on a regular basis. But what exactly is aggressive truck driving? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) considers any operation of a truck or passenger vehicle that endangers people or property to be aggressive driving. There are about 6,800,000 accidents in the United States every year and aggressive truck driving is believed to have caused a large proportion of them.

Aggressive truck driving can include a truck driver cutting off a person with the right of way, making rude gestures at other vehicles in traffic, racing or speeding through traffic, failing to signal, speeding up to prevent someone from legitimately passing you, weaving through lanes of traffic, and tailgating. It is easy for a semi-truck driver to feel they are in the right and the other driver is in the wrong, but aggressive truck driving, which sometimes turns into “road rage”, can lead to tragic accidents that can include death for the truck driver and/or the passsenger vehicle.

Truck Driver Road Rage Statistics

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety studied more than 10,000 reported cases of road rage and found a 51 percent increase in serious incidents between 1990 and 1996 (Mizell, 1997). A national survey found that 60 percent of motorists believe that unsafe driving by others is a major personal threat to them and their families; 75 percent of the respondents consider it to be “very important” to do something about unsafe driving (NHTSA, 1999).

Recovering Damages in Indiana After an Aggressive Driving Accident

You may be upset yourself after an incident involving aggressive driving with a truck driver, and you may want to argue with the aggressive truck driver if you have gotten in an accident as a result of his or her actions. If aggressive truck driving has caused an accident, you may be tempted to apologize. Neither blaming nor apologizing is appropriate after a truck crash. Instead you should politely exchange insurance information with the other driver and you should get contact information from any witnesses. If the truck driver is continually aggressive, staying in your vehicle until the police arrive may be a better scenario.

Secure Your Truck Accident Case

Some truck drivers are aware that their insurance premiums are likely to raise after a crash and will try to settle the truck accident case with you, without informing the insurer or police. In the case of an aggressive truck driving accident with potentially serious injuries, this is not something you should even consider. If an aggressive semi-truck driver fails on his or her part to compensate you, or the passenger vehicle’s accident victim’s injuries prove to be worse than originally though, a failure to get a police report or gather any evidence from the truck accident scene can result in you losing the opportunity to be compensated for your injuries and vehicle damages.

After an accident involving another driver’s aggressive conduct, you should contact the police immediately so a police report can be taken and you have an opportunity to tell your side of what happened, concerning the truck driver’s negligent or reckless behavior. Depending on the state and county, the police may write a ticket to the other driver. This citation can also be helpful should you need to bring a truck accident lawsuit. If an aggressive driver is a hit and run driver, you should try to write down or photograph his or her license plate number, and this can be pursued as a felony in most states.