Indiana Inexperienced Truck Driver Attorneys

Inexperienced truck drivers are one of the leading causes of trucking accidents in Indiana. There’s a responsibility to every trucking company to properly screen and train their truck drivers. Drivers are responsible for 60 foot long tractor-trailers that weigh up to 80,000 pounds that are difficult to maneuver and require long stopping distances. If a trucking company breaches its duty to properly screen and train its drivers and a crash occurs because of that, you as a passenger vehicle operator may be due compensation for your injuries and damages to your vehicle.

Many different types of truck driver inexperience result from a lack of preparation and training behind the wheel. Even a truck driver who has gone through school, and just got their license, without the experience on the road, can cause a semi-truck accident, due to not knowing what to do in difficult circumstances. When a big truck crashes into a passenger vehicle, catastrophic injuries or death are likely to occur. About 75 percent of those injured or killed are drivers or passengers of other vehicles. Trucking accidents involving inexperienced drivers can include but not be limited to:

  • Truck Jackknifing
  • Trucking companies failing to do proper background checks on drivers they hire
  • Rear-end collisions with passenger vehicles
  • Drivers failing to perform adequate pre-trip inspections
  • Blind spot collisions with passenger vehicles
  • Big Rig Rollovers
  • Accidents involving weather conditions

Indiana Truck driver training and testing is governed by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Strict rules and regulations have been put in place by it. These rules and regulations clearly state that it’s the duty of the trucking company to ensure that all Department of Transportation rules and regulations are followed by its truck drivers.

Proper training and testing of semi-truck drivers is an important safety factor employed to protect you and your loved ones on our Indiana roads. Truck drivers that don’t have the required training, testing and experience pose a much greater risk of being involved in a serious accident.